Ben Hammond

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SENIOR ANALYST PROGRAMMER with 13 years experience building high performance high availability low latency multithreaded realtime internet financial trading applications.
Last 11 years mostly using Java, IBM MQ Series, Sybase and Oracle, supported with C++ work to integrate libraries and Unix shell scripting.

Full lifecycle experience, from Business analysis through design, documentation, development and testing to business signoff and support handover, as part of a team and also working alone.

Available for contract work from January 2012.



Professional Experience

Feb 2009 - December 2011 UniCredit S.p.A
Contract developer Murex data feed service
Technologies Java (J2SE), Swing Framework (3), JDBC, Murex client apis, TanukiSoft JavaServiceWrapper
  • Used to push volatility data into murex risk management engine
  • Greatly improved system reliability in this sensitive area.
  • Required mastery of a poorly-documented Murex API
Contract developer UniMarker Volatility Contribution tool
Technologies Java (J2SE), Java WebStart, Java Swing, NetBeans RCP, Maven, Hudson, Apache Axis, Jcifs NTLMv2
  • Used by traders to maintain ccypair volatility
  • Reproduced then extended functionality from an Excel spreadsheet
  • closely integrated with analytics library to automatically recompute cells as traders updated others
Contract developer UniPricer FX Options Pricing Tool
Technologies Java (J2SE), Java WebStart, Eclipse RCP, IBM MQ Series, Murex MxML, Maven, Hudson, Apache Axis, Jcifs NTLMv2
  • Pricing tool used by Sales and Traders
  • Took Proof of Concept Options Pricer and industrialised it
  • Wrote framework to supported new product types as Quants developed analytics libraries
  • Integrated NTLMv2 authentication into Apache Axis to enable authenticated communication with SQLServer back end
  • Implemented Straight Through Processing to push deals directly into Murex Risk Management
  • Developed Continuous Integration and deployment system to enable quants and senior traders to give feedback on new functionality as it was developed
  • Based on IBM Eclipse Rich Client Platform with JFaces. Deployed using Java WebStart.
March 2007 - December 2008 HSBC Investment Bank
Contract Developer FX Options Pricing Service
Technologies Java (J2SE), Spring Framework, Hibernate, Apache Tomcat, Tibco RV, MS Visual C++, MS Excel VBA, Sybase 12.5
  • Provided new functionality, performance enhancements and bug fixes to an fx (vanillas and exotics) options pricing platform.
February 2005 - February 2007 UBS Investment Bank AG
Contract Developer FX pricing infrastructure
Technologies Java (J2SE), IBM MQ Series, XML, JDBC, Sybase, C++, WindowsXP, Solaris 10
  • Re-engineered an on-demand pricing engine to increase responsiveness, scalability, maintainability and accuracy whilst reducing CPU overhead.
    • Full software lifecycle from requirements (improve responsiveness of previous system), through to solution (re-engineer software), design, documentation, coding, testing, delivery to UAT and support of UAT processes.
    • Handled pricing for a wide range of FX and Treasury instruments.
    • 100% compatible with previous interfaces enabling a trivial deployment and rollback procedure.
  • Developed a FX price-push server to deliver batches of FX prices to an external client at a set period.
    • Worked flexibly with external development team to deliver software to an evolving specification.
January 2004 - January 2005 Personal projects. I spent a year travelling around Asia
June 2001 - January 2004 CMC Group PLC,
Information Internet Limited
Principal Developer,
System Architect,
Technical Team Leader
Backoffice replacement project
Technologies Java (J2SE), Oracle (9i), MS SQL Server 2000,
  • CMC Group Plc acquired Information Internet in May 2000. The job title and employer name subsequently changed but the role did not.
  • Replacement of legacy, MSDOS based backoffice system.
  • Took project through entire lifecycle from business analysis right through to the handover to support.
  • Led a team of developers which varied in size between 2 and 10
  • Responsible for administering
    • FX Rollovers
    • CFD overnight financing charges
    • Mark to Market calculations and cash postings on all client and dealer positions
    • corporate actions
    • Generation and email of client daily statements
    • Generation of P&L and market exposure reports for accountants, dealers and directors.
    • Creation of payment extract files enabling straight-through processing to external banking systems of client cash payments.
    • Commission calculation and settlement with trading partners/brokers.
May 2000 - June 2001 Information Internet Limited
Senior Developer MarketMaker Version 5.0
Technologies Java (J2SE), MS SQL Server 2000, MS Visual C++
  • Joined this project mid-lifecycle, taking over from a leaver.
  • Reimplementing the entire trading platform in Java.
  • Designed and implemented real time messaging system
  • Kept backward compatibility with previous version of messaging system.
  • Designed and implemented business objects modelling the trading activity.
  • Designed and implemented auto matching software.
  • Designed and implemented Windows NT Service to keep the Java server software running on the server machines.
January 2000 - May 2000 Information Internet Limited
Technical Team Leader Unibank project
Technologies VB, C++, ADO, ActiveX, ATL, MFC, MS SQL Server, Access
  • Project to adapt a version of the MarketMaker trading platform for a Danish bank.
  • Worked closely with the bank's business analysts to create functional specifications.
  • Led a team of 3 developers.
  • Project terminated prematurely due to political issues.
September 1999 - January 2000 Information Internet Limited
Technical Team Leader Fimat project
Technologies VB, C++, ADO, ActiveX, ATL, MFC, MS SQL Server, Access
  • Joined towards end of lifecycle.
  • Brought in to ensure client satisfaction in managing last few outstanding issues in the project
March 1999 - September 1999 Information Internet Limited
Technical Team Leader Investec MarketMaker Treasury
Technologies VB, C++, ADO, ATL, MFC, MS SQL Server, MSAccess
  • Developed on client site (in dealing room)
  • Worked closely with client's business analysts to produce functional specifications and incrementally deliver the system functionality.
  • Developed flavour of FX trading system which handled call accounts, loans and deposits including a limited trade finance application
  • Delivered software to bridge trading information from the MSSQL Server database into their BradyTrinity risk management system.
  • Delivered software to calculate FX trade decomposition (via Spot USD) for all FX deals.
  • Led team of 3 developers
September 1998 - March 1999 Information Internet Limited
Developer Various pricefeeds
Technologies C++, MFC, MS Access
  • Interfaced with a variety of external price feeds to convert into (and out of) MarketMaker format. These include ADP Systems, Reuters SFC, iNet Bridge, Dow Jones and various internal pricing models.
  • Abstracted the interface details into a .dll. This meant that the same priceserver executable could be installed at all client sites, greatly easing the maintenance burden.
  • Implemented using C++ and MFC
  • Designed to handled a specified throughput of 1000 prices/second. In tests it exceeded this (slightly).
October 1997 - January 1999 Information Internet Limited
Developer MarketMaker version 4.0
Technologies VB, ODBC, MS SQL Server, Access
  • Worked on various applications building up the the rollout of version 4 of the system.
  • Designed and Implemented software from specified requirements.
  • Rollout of system both at CMC Group PLC in London and at Commerzbank in Frankfurt.
September 1995 - August 1997 Mirror Group Newspapers PLC
Technical Support Analyst
  • Unix and Windows NT system administration
  • Troubleshooting a wide range of servers and desktop machines
  • Insight into issues faced when providing 24/7 support for software developed in-house.
  • Gained understanding of issues faced by medium sized IT departments.


September 1991 - June 1995 University of Edinburgh
BSc Hons Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science (2.1)
  • Excellent grounding in theory and practice of good design
  • Wide variety of computer languages ranging from Pascal through to Standard ML via C++ and M6809 Assembly on to LISP and Prolog. This gives an appreciation of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the different styles of programming language.